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The Beatles: A Collector’s Guide to Beatles Memorabilia

The Beatles: A Collector’s Guide to Beatles Memorabilia

Take a magical mystery tour through time, following the trail of Beatles memorabilia left behind by the Fab Four from their early days in Hamburg, through the Ed Sullivan show, right up to the present day and “Anthology I.” A dazzlingly wide range of collectibles parade across the pages of this colorful text in over 730 color photographs including records, posters, movie memorabilia, jewelry, books, and fan club mementos. New Beatles collectibles are fully addressed here for the first time. Included as well are a history of the Beatles and their later solo efforts, Beatles art work created by inspired artists, and newly revised values for all of the collectibles presented in the text.


Anonymous says:

Buy this for the Photos only While it’s hard to knock anyone who clearly has a passion for the Beatles, the fact remains that this book is only worth it (IMHO) as a reference for its photos of Beatles memorabilia. The pricing is wildly off in many instances. And there are many items that you may argue do not deserve any mention due to their lack of collectibility (would you pay ANYTHING for a Mid-West newspaper announcing John’s death? – much less hundreds of dollars! ) It feels like one fan’s personal photo tribute to their own Beatles collection. A little more research and checking with other collectors could have significantly increased the value of this effort. Having said that, you may find this book still worth it for the photos.

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