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The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Beatles

The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Beatles

THE 4 COMPLETE ED SULLIVAN SHOWS STARRING THE BEATLES,DIGITALLY REMASTERED AND INCLUDING SOME PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED MATERIAL, TO BE ISSUED ON DVD BY UNIVERSAL MUSIC ENTERPRISES When The Beatles stepped onto Sullivan’s New York stage on Sunday, February 9, 1964, to make their American TV debut, 86 percent of all TVs on at that hour–73 million Americans–tuned in. It was the most-watched program in history to that point and remains one of the most-watched programs of all time. Nearly 50 years after the four landmark live performances of The Beatles on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” those legendary appearances with newly remastered audio and carefully restored video will finally be made available worldwide on home video through a major distributor. The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Beatles will be released September 7, 2010. The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Beatles was produced by SOFA Entertainment. “We used the full extent of today’s technology,” says Andrew Solt, Executive Producer and CEO of SOFA Entertainment. “The quality is better than it ever was, in fact, better than when the shows aired, especially visually. For example, the February 16 performance was from Miami’s Deauville Hotel, not from a studio. The quality of the tape image was very fragile. We went back and improved it frame by frame.” With a running time of more than 250 minutes, The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Beatles presents those shows uncut, including not only all of the other performances but also all of the original commercials. Also included is The Cast of Oliver! (featuring a young Davy Jones) singing “I’ll Do Anything For You.” The audio is available in both mono and a 5.1 remix. In addition, the new DVD set has been augmented with approximately 13 minutes of additional footage.

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Maclen says:

The Holy Grail of TV Rock If you’re here looking at this DVD chances are the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show is meaningful to you. This is ground zero for modern Rock music, sure Elvis popularized Rock `n Roll, but this is where everything switches from singles to Albums and later to an Art form. The performances speak for themselves; the Boys are in fine form and in spite of the antiquated, very primitive sound system they sound great. This new version of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan DVD has been improved, the picture is brighter and a bit more clean, the 5:1 surround sound is quite good. If you’re playing this through a surround sound system, the subwoofer handles the bass parts very nicely with little or no audible rumble, the vocals are clear and the overall presentation is quite remarkable especially considering the circumstances. A must buy for anyone of a certain age who wants to bask in the glory of the old days, and for newcomers who want to see what the fuss was all about. If you have the original SOFA release and you don’t have a surround sound sytem, the old version will suffice, if you’ve got the Surround Sound, then spring for the new one, it’s worth the investment. You shoulda been there.

David Brown says:

Same as SOFA productions Overall it is still a very good set. These are the original shows featuring the commercials as it was aired on those very special days. I agree though, there is nothing new about this 2 disc set. I also agree that production must have switched hands. Regardless it is still worth the money for this very cool piece of history. Imagine a night with the family, connect a DVD player to a old B&W TV, shake up a pan of Jiffy Pop and go back in history! Love it!

dante says:

bad remaster great show There is no discussion about how great these shows were. I was lucky enough to experience them on tv in 1964. The 2003 edition was wonderful. When the studio that remastered these dvds said that they were going toclean up the film “frame by frame”, I was expecting a significant improvement. When I compared each show to the 2003 dvd, the 2nd show seemed brighter, but there was no improved video or sound definition. The other3 shows were inferior in clarity. How can these people take a step backwards in quality, and sell the product as being remastered? For the best product, seek the 2003 version. Note, the bonus material is worthless.A more appropriate bonus might have been to include the beatles’ rehearsal songs which you can see on you tube for the 1964 performances.

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